What is Traco Octopus Client?

Octopus MCCUX client allows journalists to access Octopus NRCS directly from MediaCentral Cloud UX, browse rundowns and story folders, stories inside rundowns and do basic script story editing. Users have the ability to import their video content or graphic elements as MOS objects, create new objects and manage them. 

Thanks to Octopus MCCUX, native members of the Avid MediaCentral Cloud UX Platform become Octopus users.


News Story Management

Octopus MCCUX client allows to directly manage and organize their news stories. The users have the ability to create, delete, move or reorder not only stories but also their story elements (PKG, STUDIO, VO, etc.)

Script Editing

Editing the news story has never been so easy. Octopus client enables its users to edit the script of the news story directly in Octopus Newsroom. Apart from that, the client also supports editing text for a prompter.

MOS Object Import

Another feature of our client for Octopus enables the producers to attach sequence or Master clips as a MOS object. In order to simplify the production workflow, the content can be easily imported from Interplay PAM using drag and drop features.

MOS Object Management

Once the video content has been converted to MOS objects and added to the news story, users have the ability to create, delete or edit them inside the story to fit their specific needs. It is also possible to create basic or advanced sequences based on Octopus MOS placeholders.

MOS Object Creation

Thanks to Traco’s client for Octopus, media content creators have the ability to create Maestro MOS objects from Avid Maestro Panel. This gives them the opportunity to add various graphic elements directly into the story in the form of a MOS object.

Vizrt Pilot Object Creation

Another important feature of this client helps the news producers to create Vizrt Pilot MOS objects from our Traco GFX plugin. One of the advantages of this integration is the fact, that these objects respect timing on the timeline.

Video presentation of Traco Octopus

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